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Photo courtesy of Archway Museum
The treasures of a state are not always wrapped up and put on display in something called a museum. A treasure could be a landmark, or the main street of a historic town, or an event, such as a state fair, or a parade, or an antique car race. It would not be possible to cover everything in one web site. We would just urge you to always explore and discover. No other country in the world offers so many different treasures in such a vast and varied landscape.
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Nebraska Attractions and Landmarks • Visitor Web Sites

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Rock Creek Station State Historical Park. The site of an 1857 Pony Express stop and unique history
Nebraska has an excellent system of state parks offering hunting, fishing, hiking opportunities and much more. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has its main office in Lincoln and other offices across the state offering access to hunting, fishing, and state park permits. The Commission also manages a number of historic parks, many with living history and artifact museums providing visitors with a close-up view of 19th Century prairie life and history.

The parks web site will be a good place to start your planning for a trip through Nebraska.
To check out the historic site parks go to:

Covered Wagon photo courtesy of OutdoorNebraska web site.
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(Above)Fort Robinson State Park in northwest Nebraska is one of several state parks that offer scenic trails, fishing, history and more.

Photos in this section courtesy of the OutdoorNebraska web site.
(Right) Fort Atkinson, established in 1820, was the first military post west of the Missouri River. Now a state park and historic museum, it has a lot to offer visitors, including living history demonstrations in the summer months.
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(Left) Chadron State Park in the Pine Ridge region of Nebraska offers scenic camping, fishing, hiking, and trail rides with a “hundred miles of beautiful trails and old roads.”
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There is so much to see and do in Western Nebraska that the region has a dedicated web site:
At right a scene from the town of Harrison. Also in Harrison is the Sioux County Historical Museum.

At left is the beautiful Smith Falls State Park. in north central Nebraska.
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“Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice.”A web site to make you want to drop everything and go there now.

Excerpted from that site: “Nebraska’s history spans back 12-20 million years. Visitors can immerse themselves in our prehistoric past at archeological sites like Ashfall and Agate Fossil Beds Nebraska’s Native American history can be traced through such tribes as the Sioux, Pawnee, Omaha, Otoe, Kansa, Cheyenne and Arapahoe. Nebraska was part of the path to the west for most pioneers. The passing of the Homestead Act enticed many to become the early settlers of the state. It was during that transition that spawned the reputation of the Wild West. With cowboys, cattle drives, railroads and rustlers capturing the imagination who dreamt about a more rugged and daring life.“
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We look for the cool things on display, such as WWII airplanes, or frontier cabins or antique fire arms, but American museums on the whole are about much more than the display of “artifacts.” Museums are built and maintained by people dedicated to documenting and preserving a particular chapter of history so that current and future generations can better understand what came before.
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Museums of Nebraska

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The Archway
(The Great Platte River Road Archway)
Rt. 80 near Kearney, NE
A spectacular feat of modern engineering, this museum of westward expansion
spans the busy Highway 80 with detailed exhibits. A unique experience for all ages.
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Freedom Park
Omaha, NE
An outdoor Naval and air museum on the banks of the Missouri River in Omaha, featuring a submarine, and naval landmine sweeper ship, and a couple of aircraft.
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FranK H. Woods Telephone Museum
Lincoln, NE
Frank H. Woods of Lincoln can be credited with bringing regional phone
companies together to form a national phone system. With three partners, in 1903.
he started Western Union Indecent Telephone company , later known as Lincoln Telephone & Telegraph. and in 1910 became first president of the United States Independent Telephone Association.
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Museum of the Fur Trade
Charon, NE
Located at the site of James Bordeaux’s Trading Post, originally built in 1837 and so accurately reconstructed in 1956 that it earned a place on the National Registor of Historic Places. Learn about the complex relationship between the U.S. Army, settlers and Native Americans of the mid 19th Century. This is a significant historic site and museum.
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Knight Museum
Alliance, NE
Local and frontier history
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Pony Express Station & Museum
Gothenburg, NE
Built in 1854 on Oregon Trail as a trading post and ranch house, this cabin became a Pony Express Station in 1860 and was later used as an Overland Trail Stage Station.
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Lester F. Larson Tractor Test and Power Museum
or Larson Tractor Museum

University of Nebraska, Lincoln
A 1919 state “Tractor Law” encouraged the manufacture
of better tractors. That led to a test laboratory at the university
to establish power and performance standards
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Dobby’s Frontier Town
Alliance, NE
Kenneth Dobby Lee decided to preserve 19 old buildings and build museum to 19th Century life in the Sandhills of Nebraska. The town includes a cobbler’s shop, a blacksmith shop, a saloon, a jail, a livery stable and more.

The great American town of Alliance, OK has a lot of reasons to visit. Dobby’s Village, the inspiration of one native son, is a significant treasure of frontier history.
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Pioneer Village
Highway 6, Minden Nebraska
This is the kind of museum that is worthy of a trip halfway across the country and at least two days of your time taking in all there is to see.

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A 20-acre site with 28 buildings and 50,000 artifacts on display
A close-up view of America from the pioneer days to the early 20th Century, Including but not limited to:
Historic Sod House
Original Elm Creek Stockade
Pony Express Relay Station
Historic General Store - chock full of historic products
One-Room School House
Restored Blacksmith Shop
A Collection of 100 Antique Tractors
350 Antique Cars
Historic Steam-powered Carousel
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Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer
Grand Island, NE
Pioneer History including a Log Cabin Settlement, Pawnee Earth Lodge, Railroad Exhibit.
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Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum
Ashland, NE
46 years of American air power and the experience of from WW II through the Cold War.
Large collection of historic military aircraft on display
Activities including a 1940’s USO dance in February and educational events
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Alliance, NE
A very creative Nebraska engineer named Jim Reinders used classic American cars to build a replica of England’s historic Stonehenge. It is monument that commemorates both prehistoric British history and 20th Century American ingenuity. The great American town of Alliance, OK has a lot of reasons to visit. Carhenge itself draws tens of thousands of visitors every year.
Log Cabin Settlement
at the Stuhr Museum,
Grand Island, NE
A complex of 8 restored “road ranches” that were built in the 1850’s and 1860’s along the pioneer trails
Railroad Town
at the Stuhr Museum,
Grand Island, NE
A “living history” small town recreates life in the 19th Century. Visitors in the summer of 2016 could immerse themselves in the year 1896.
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Antique Farm Machinery Building
at the Stuhr Museum, Grand Island, NE
“Antique auto and farm machinery includes an 1880 threshing machine, early steam engines, tractors, and numerous examples of horse-drawn and tractor-drawn farm implements…”
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Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles
Lexington, NE
“Dozens of fully restored vehicles … dedicated in honor and memory of those who served.”
A museum started by just four Lexington men in 1986 with a passion for and a determination to preserve the history of American military vehicles.
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Nebraska is a Great Plains Midwestern state with gently rolling hills in the east and mostly treeless prairie in the west. The area was occupied by several indigenous peoples prior to European exploration including the Omaha, Missouria, Ponca, Pawnee and Lakota (Sioux).

The current state of Nebraska was included in the great tract of land purchased from France in 1803. Prior to that time, the territory had been explored and claimed by both France and Spain.
President Jefferson sent three teams of explorers west of the Mississippi to learn more about the territory, the most notable being Lewis and Clarke. The U.S. government established forts and a military presence in the area, and it was frequented largely by fur traders.
European-American people did not move into or through the area in large numbers until the Gold Rush of 1848-54 and the Homestead Act of 1862. In 1854, Nebraska became a territory, and in 1867, it became the 37th state.
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